Hot Smoked Salmon Sausages

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Hot Smoked Salmon Sausages

Premium Sea farmed salmon from the Marlborough sounds
Air-dried, traditionally manuka smoked, and boneless.
No additives, just a little salt and light spice.
Ready to eat with 3 to 4 per pack ( 180gm-200gm)

Hot Smoked Salmon Sausages
Serving Suggestions: 

Our salmon sausages are great to eat either cold or warmed.
To warm simply toss the vacuum bag into hot water to heat through.
Other options are fine but do not cook further as like all fish products they will dry out.
Serve them as you normally would with any sausage or angle cut them into thirds and place into a small bowl for finger food pick-ups.
Kids love them too.

$13.00 GST incl
Delivery to rural addresses is by special arrangement only, please phone us first on 03 943 2222
Salmon sausage cit into 1/3rds in a bowl with a dip
A joy for young and old our Smoked Salmon Sausages are full of flavor, healthy and are amazing served hot with your favourite tomato sauce or chutney, layout some toothpicks and your done... simple!