Hot Smoked Salmon Large Portion

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Hot Smoked Salmon Large Portion

Premium Sea farmed salmon from the Marlborough sounds
Air-dried, traditionally manuka smoked, and boneless.
No additives, just a little salt.
Ready to eat

Hot Smoked Salmon 1/2 Side
Serving Suggestions: 

Serve at room temperature Open the pack, place on a serving plate or wooden chopping board, and crack some black pepper over if you desire.
Great for self-help service with a fish slice or a simple kitchen knife.

$24.90 GST incl
Delivery to rural addresses is by special arrangement only, please phone us first on 03 943 2222
Hot Smoked Salmon French Stick Appetizer
This is a simple and delicious way to enjoy Hot Smoked Salmon. Take a french stick, cut into slices, then spread with olive oil and lightly toast. Then just spread on some cream cheese, stack on your salmon and finish with some rocket splashed with vinergarette, crack some pepper and your done.